>Kim Sjøgren og Villads<

Violinist Kim Sjøgren takes Villads from DR program "Wonderful Child" with the tour and will hold Christmas concert in the Church of Holmen in Copenhagen.

The 59-year-old violinist Kim Sjøgren takes this year at Christmas tour with The Little Mermaid Orchestra and guests, among other Holmen Church in Copenhagen on November 29.

According to a press release will be a Christmas out of the ordinary, where the church is filled with music, Christmas spirit and anecdotes.

Kim Sjøgren, who is current in the program "Wonderful Child", will for example, come with stories from his time as concertmaster.

Villads play with Kim Sjøgren

The program "Wonderful Child" is his mentor for the 13-year-old violinist Villads who has been praised for his musicality and professionalism.

Villads comes featured guest at this year's Christmas tour and will therefore also be experienced in Holmen Church along with his mentor.

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